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Introduction by Dom d'Entrecasteaux / Interview by Scarlet Hall


Light like a feather, yet weightful and dense in emotion, Sonotto’s vibrant, fresh EP ‘Could We Be Closer’ draws clear, positive influence from artists such as Bonobo and Ana Roxanne, displaying a natural ability to maintain atmosphere in his songs, whilst also building excitement through his use of various samples and synthesisers.

The four-track EP comes to life with the pulsating, rhythmic motions in ‘Lightbox’, the opening track, which smoothly leads you into ‘Who, What, Now’ - a firm nod towards Flying Lotus’ drums and production style.

‘The Lightside’ is a gruelling ambient track, with gritty highs and enthralling low tones, its energy is raw and captivating, and is a perfect setup to the closing track of the project, seven-minute track ‘Rose Leaf, Blossom’, unlike anything else on the EP. Its unpredictable nature is demonstrated within prominent kick drum rhythms, which take shape in the form of a layered, tribal bed of sound, sitting underneath an array of muttered vocals, ambient field recordings and crazy synthesisers.

‘Could We Be Closer’ is not to be missed.

With an EP so interesting I decided I had to reach out to ask Sonotto a few things about himself and his work!

MZ: When did you discover that experimental/ ambient music was your thing? What sparked your love for it?

S: Truthfully, I don’t believe I have a thing, or a specific genre that I’d say is my style. I notice I have waves of creative moments that take on all sorts of varying shapes. The music I create is ever changing and I enjoy that, embrace it in fact. Remaining as creatively open

as possible is paramount to how I work, it allows my true self in that moment to be the driving force behind what I create, that which is silent. Rather than creating from a conception of what I like.

Although I do love the genres you mention, at its core, I enjoy music that feels free, music that came into existence without intention. Experiential music by nature is this exactly, it’s spontaneous, unexpected and free of boundary. Ambient music is also similarly free, evolving sound that’s often created generatively without control.

MZ: Is your music a form of a cathartic release for you? I know when I listened to ‘Could We Be Closer’ in full, I felt many waves of emotion. I was just wondering if that was intentional or if I was just interpreting it in a certain way?

S: You could certainly say that, yes! Hearing how people feel emotionally when listening to my music is fascinating and incredibly humbling.

But the emotional input from me is not intentional, at least not pre-conceived. I ride the creative wave when it comes, so to speak, allowing it to take its course and formalise into music naturally. I don’t contrive or attempt to control it in an emotional direction, for me that is hollow. I believe true art starts in silence, that being a depth in you that is far more intelligent and knowing than the conceptual mind could ever understand. When you’re in tune with that, your creativity simply flows. Influenced by whatever surface emotional state you’re in, but not controlled by it.

MZ: Who would you say are your influences as an artist?

S: A lot! Whenever I’m asked this, Flying Lotus always springs to mind. I think a better answer though, is there are lots of artists I’d like to think influence me, but I don’t think anyone can truly know what influences them, only speculate.

Influence is so subtle that there’s probably a connection between my music and the lavender shower gel I use. I’m being facetious, but honestly everything influences me, where I live, the people I see, the films I watch, where I go for coffee, the sounds of everyday, it’s endless and undoubtedly inspiring, all of it.

MZ: I have heard a lot about your live performances in the way that they surprise people!… can you give me a little summary of what you might expect at a SONOTTO gig?

S: Energy, exuberant outfits, expressive vocals, dancing and a LOT of movement. Coupled

with what I hope people think is good music!

I think what surprises people is that how I am off stage, is completely different in energy to when I’m on stage, yet I feel so free in this side of myself that appears while performing. I like to imagine that this comfortability in my self allows the audience to feel equally at peace within themselves. Which creates this wonderful connection that is totally free in spirit.

MZ: What is your favourite track on the EP and why?

S: I don’t have one! I think ‘The Lightside’ will never grow old for me and the crescendo in ‘Who, What, Now’ resonances a lot, but there’s no clear winner. I will say though, playing Lightbox live is always fantastic, people go crazy when it drops with those screeching chords!

MZ: Thank you so much for speaking to me! Love the EP and I hope everyone that reads this goes and has a listen!


Go check out Sonotto on Spotify and Instagram :)


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