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4 piece band from Blackwood South Wales, Primitive Soul, are a snapshot of youth spurting out political punk lyrics with a prominent nod to the Manic Street Preachers.

Written by Scarlet Hall 08/02/21


Is it important for you as a band to get a political message across through your lyrics?

It is important for us to get a political message across because we want to make

a difference and educate people on what’s going on in society and politics today.

What's going on in blackwood at the moment?

In Blackwood nothing is going on at the moment it’s pretty dead. There are no subcultures or anything! It feels like there are barely any people in Blackwood who listen to the same music as us.

Name a few inspirations new and old for the band and why?

A few inspirations of ours new and old are bands like The Clash, The Manics and Rage Against The Machine and so on.

The reason we like bands/ people like Joe Strummer and Zack De La Rocha is that they all had something to say and they all changed music and society forever so our goal is to be like that.

Is fame something you guys strive for? What do you want to be known for as a band?

I mean if we want to make a movement and it works, people are going to know us whether we like it or not.

We don’t strive for fame but we want to be heard.

Take Morrissey for an example he didn’t care if they liked his lyrics or his music he just wanted to be heard and listened to.



Straight away this song exudes immense power and it stays that way throughout. It's jam-packed full of thrashy electric guitar, an ominous bassline, and vocals that are reminding me of a young Pete Shelley. However, Primitive Soul's

songs aren't quite about orgasm addicts or falling in love but about the atomic bombings of Nagasaki, American politics and the feelings of paranoia and angst that you feel living in a small town during this pandemic. Hopefully, when venues start to open again we will be seeing Primitive Soul start to fill venues in and around South Wales with like-minded youth passionate about changing the future, but until then you can follow them on Instagram and have a listen to some of their demos! Over at @_primitive_soul_


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